(Affiliated to Krishna University, Recognised by Govt. of A.P. & Bar Council of India)


Code Of conduct It has always been the consistent policy of the College as well as management to give highest degree of liberty and freedom to the students with an expectation that it would be immensely useful in blossoming of their personalities and further in harnessing and refining their skills. However, it is axiomatic to say that “No freedom comes without responsibility” and therefore, students are expected to behave themselves in a dignified and responsive manner. Each student is expected to conduct himself or herself in such a manner so as to keep, uphold, and sustain name and fame of the Institution and further equally responsive towards his/her rights and duties. Hence, students are expected to behave in a socially responsible manner to uphold and sustain the dignity and decorum of legal profession. It is presumed that all students, as members of a great academic community understand the dynamics of functioning of society and its intense interdependence. Therefore, students are expected behave in a manner inspiring and emulating the towering legal personalities so as to foster and promote respect for the rule of law. The students are also expected to show utmost respect for the rights of their fellow citizens. The rules mentioned hereunder are to be strictly adhered to by the students.

Rules To be Strictly Followed By Students 1. Each student is required to attend to class work promptly &punctually.

2. A Student, causing disturbance in the class or makes mischief in class may be expelled from the class. A student so expelled shall be deemed to be absent for the day.

3. Every student shall provide himself/herself with all the necessary Text Books.

4. Every student should actively participate in the seminars, symposiums, guest talks organized by the college.

5. Students should keep their mobile phones in the switch off mode while they are in the college premises.

6. Any student damaging or destroying any property belonging to the college shall be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement. In case of willful damage, he/she shall also be punished in such manner as the principal may think fit and proper under the given circumstances.

7. Students shall submit all communications intended for the administration only to the principal.

8. Every student of the college desirous of addressing the Principal or the Administration should do so separately by addressing his/her requisition / representation. Joint applications/requisitions by students shall not be entertained except on issues of common interest or concern.

9. Every student shall wear a clean and decent dress.

10. Students are required to observe discipline and orderliness at all times on the college campus and make as little noise as possible in moving from one room to another.

11. Students are required to extend their co-operation and assistance in keeping the class-rooms and college surrendering neat & tidy.

12. Students are expected to cultivate the habit of reading text books and develop their gift of gab.

13.Smoking on the college premises is strictly prohibited. Students are prohibited from organizing any meetings or entertainments at the college or collecting money for any purpose on the college premises except with the prior permission of the Principal.

14. Students guilty of going over to other colleges to take part in acts of indiscipline such as organizing demonstrations or strikes would be deemed as a misconduct and it shall be punished accordingly.

15. The Principal may place himself in communication, as and when necessary, with parents or guardians of the students, who are very poor in studies and not regular in attending to class work or where conduct of a student is condemnable or unsatisfactory. The names of the students found incorrigible even after prior warnings, may be removed from the college rolls after intimation to the parents or guardians.

16. Students of the college going on strike or in any way found guilty of serious indiscipline shall automatically forfeit their scholarships, fee concessions, etc., However, forfeiture shall not ordinarily be restored except in cases of gross indiscipline of continuous nature and that too in compliance with the principles of natural justice.

17.Students indulging in acts of violence or coercion, direct and indirect, such as Dharna, Gherao, hunger strike, for enforcing their will not in accordance with law on the college campus shall be punished.

18. The use of cameras, cell phones within the class rooms and on the campus is prohibited in the interest of discipline and preserving congenial academic environment on the campus.

19. The Principal may instruct the following punishments in the interest of the students or the institution concerned: fine for inadequate attendance, suspension, expulsion or such other action as he deems necessary for the maintenance of discipline in the campus. Ragging is strictly prohibited and is strictly punishable, if practiced in any manner.

20. Loitering on the campus by the students during the class work is strictly prohibited.

ATTENDANCE RULES 1.Attendance for students shall be marked by every teacher engaging a Class.
2.If any student is absent for one period on any day she/he shall be considered as absent for that period only.
3.All days on which the student may go on strike and do not attend to classes, but leaves the class room in the middle of a class, shall be regarded as working days to calculate the percentage of attendance.
4.Every student must attend at least 75% of classes to enable him or her to obtain a certificate of attendance. In case of a student falling short of the required attendance on account of unavoidable reasons, such as illness (supported by an application at the time of actual illness and a medical certificate by an authorized Medical officer) the principal may recommend for condonation of attendance on payment of prescribed fee, provided he is satisfied with the progress of the student in his or her studies. However, no condonation can either be recommended or sanctioned, if a student is absent for more than 40% of classes held.
5.The shortage of attendance, if any, will be displayed on the notice board by the order of the Principal at the end of each semester.
6.A student who is absent himself / herself shall apply for leave to the Principal. Application for leave of absence that can be foreseen sufficiently in advance should be submitted on the previous working day before the availing of leave.

FEE RULES 1.No student will be enrolled or permitted to attend to classes until the fee due from his/her has been paid. A student will not be enrolled or admitted after the commencement of the semester unless all the fees for the full semester are paid.
2.A student leaving the college during the term is not entitled to the remission of fees.
3.Fees is payable within fifteen days from the first working day of each semester without fines. The fee will be accepted with late fee up to thirty days from the first working day of the semester. Names of all those students, who have not paid their fees within thirty days from the first working day of the semester, will be struck off from the rolls. Names of such defaulters will be restored, if they pay the fees with late fee and readmission fee within sixty days from the first working day of the semester. Students who fail to pay fees within sixty days from the first working day of the semester will not be re-admitted.
4.Penalty for late Payment: First : Rs.50.00 Re-Admission Fee : Rs.50.00 In addition to the above, a late fee of Rs.25/- shall be paid for delay of each Month from the last date fixed for payment of first and second semester fee.
5.A student desiring to leave the college in the middle has to pay fees for all the semesters for obtaining transfer certificate. However, principal may give remission from the payment of entire fees depending upon the reasonableness of each case.
6.A fee of Rs.50/- will be charged for the issue of duplicate transfer certificate. It will be issued only if the original T.C. has been irretrievably lost and further non-traceable certificate obtained from the police concerned is produced. The fee for a certificate of age extract from the college admission Register is Rs.50/-. The fee for the issue of additional study certificate is Rs.10/-.


I. Working hours: The library is kept open from 09.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. on all working days and from 09.00 a.m. to 01.20 p.m. on second Saturdays. Issue and return of books will be from 10.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. and 02.00p.m. to 04.00p.m. Students & staff are provided with free internet access. Students and staff can also avail themselves free legal software installed to the computers in the library for tracking down case laws & useful online legal resources. However, an amount of Rs.2/- will be charged for printing of any downloaded material per each page. II.Admission to the library: 1. Strict silence should be observed in and around the library. Students who fail to observe the same will be liable for fine.
2. Members, while entering the library should sign in the gate register.
3. Students are permitted to carry only note books into the library.
4. Staying in groups &chit chatting in the library is strictly prohibited.
5. Students and staff shall leave the library ten minutes before the closing time.
6. Students using internet facility shall sign in the register.
III.Conditions for borrowing books : 1. Books from the library are issued only to the present students of the college and the teaching staff members.
2. Every student shall be provided with 2 borrower’s tickets and a teaching staff member with twelve tickets, which must be produced every time when books are borrowed.
3. Student members have to produce their identity cards along with membership card while borrowing books.
4. If a member loses any ticket it should be immediately reported to the Librarian, failing which the members shall be solely responsible, if any book is issued on the lost ticket.
5. A duplicate ticket will be issued on payment of Rs.10/- after a lapse of seven days. 6. Borrower’s tickets are not transferrable.
7. A book may be re-issued to a student only once for a further period of 14 days.
8. Librarian may recall any book from the borrower at any time even prior to the due date depending upon exigencies.
9. Books will be issued for Pongal, Summer and Dasara Vacation. Conditions regarding issue of books during such long vacations will be notified from time to time.
10. Borrower failing to return book on or before the due date shall pay penalty of Rs.1/- for each day during which the book is retained after the due date.
11. In calculating the fines, holidays as distinct from vacations and the days on which issue and return of books are not allowed by the library will be excluded.
12. Borrowers who fail to return the books within 30 days after the due date shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs.2/- for each day of delay. Absence from the college will not relieve a borrower of the responsibility of returning books on due date.
13. Any damage to the book such as tearing of pages, marking of sentences in pen, writing or taking out pages is a serious offence, and unless the borrower points out the damage at the time of his/her borrowing the book, he shall replace the damaged borrowed book with a new book or in the alternative pay four times the cost of the book.
14. Hall ticket and transfer certificate shall not be issued to a student unless he produces no-dues certificate from the Librarian.
14. Hall ticket and transfer certificate shall not be issued to a student unless he produces no-dues certificate from the Librarian.
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